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libfortran errors when loading packages in RΒΆ


I am trying to load an R package which used to work in the Research Environment, but now I am receiving the following error:

While the package we show here is just an example, the error displayed is common: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So is there something that can be done in this?


Luckily, yes, this can be resolved! And while we are working on a stable resolution for this issue, we have a workaround available for this error.

Before you start up your R version, you will need to load a particular library which we wrapped up in a module for easy loading.

Type the following in the terminal:

module load libgfortran/5
module load R/4.0.2

After doing so, please start R, and load the library of interest. It should then load without issue as per below example.

If issues still persist, please do reach out to the Genomics England Service Desk.

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