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Introduction to the GECIP

GECIP stands for Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership. These are groups of academic and clinical researchers working on a particular disease or research area. All academic and clinical researchers using the RE must be a member of at least one GECIP domain, but you can be a member of multiple GECIP domains. When you request access to the RE, you do so by selecting which GECIP to join. If you are from a commercial entity, you are not a GECIP member.

Joining a GECIP

The Research Registry is where you can apply to join a GECIP. You can also find all details about your application. By this point you should have received emails from our service desk with your username and instructions to set your password. If you have any trouble with this, please raise a ticket with our service desk.

You should apply to be a member of all GECIP domains you feel that your research falls under by using the Apply to additional domains form on the Track my application page in the Research Portal.

You must notify Genomics England about any contact detail changes, and if they intend to change institution, by raising a ticket on our Service desk portal.

Registering a project

Once you have an idea of the research you would like to perform on the data within the Research Environment you must register your intention as a Research Project within the Research Registry. You can find information about this in our help pages. You will also need to have an approved project in the Research Registry for at least three months before you will be able to export results related to this project out of the Research Environment.

GECIP members and domain leads should ensure that all research being conducted in the Research Environment is in scope of the domain’s Detailed Research Plan which has been approved by the Access Review Committee. Any amendments to these plans must be also be reviewed by this committee to ensure ethical use of Project data.

Any requests for additional data or samples should be made by contacting the GECIP team at or creating a Service desk ticket outside the Research Environment. The samples team will then handle all requests however this process is still being developed and will take some time.

Working within a GECIP

We expect that GECIP members work collaboratively with one another and keep in contact with their domain leads to ensure they are aware of all research their domain is conducting.

Within the RE HPC, you will find a folder named re_gecip, which contains folders for each of the GECIP domains. You should use your GECIP folder as your working directory and to store your files.

If you are applying for funding for your research, please get in touch with the GECIP team or fill in the Register a Grant Application form on our website so that we may support you. Some funding bodies will require you to provide our supporting documents to award you a grant. Funding applications supported by us also have a good chance of being approved historically. Please make sure any research you are requesting funding for is already registered in the Research Registry.

Data security

You must not share your login details with anyone, as this is a breach of the GECIP Rules which are legally binding. Please refer to our section on Data security to learn more.

For guidelines on publishing your results, please refer to our section on Exporting and publishing your results.

Getting help

For any technical enquiries, please create a ticket on our Service desk portal. For more general Research Network enquiries, please email and a member of the Research Network team will get back to you.

Last update: November 27, 2023