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Building cohorts with Cohort Browser in CloudOS

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The Cohort Browser application in CloudOS allows you to search for participants by phenotype and genotype filters. There are two options for search:

Source data

This is the 100kGP structured data, which follows the table structure in LabKey. This allows you to create complex searches involving multiple tables and specific searches.

You can search by clicking through the tables, and filtering by selecting columns. You can pull out the SQL queries from searches created through no code, which you can copy across to use in programmatic queries in interactive sessions. You can also write SQL queries in Cohort Browser.

OMOP data

This is a common data model that allows you to search by terms across a simplified structure, allowing searches across federated datasets with different underlying database structures.

Further use

You can download or export your cohort from the Cohort Overview page, or you can drop your cohort into an interactive session.