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Genomics England Research EnvironmentΒΆ


Current data release:

1st November 2023 - BioMart

  • Ensembl BioMart is now accessible in the RE, both the web interface and the biomaRt R package.

13th Oct 2023 - Updated workflow

  • Structural Variant 3.0 is a complete re-write of the SV/CNV workflow (current version 2.0.1), from WDL/Cromwell to Nextflow DSL2. The workflow now runs in both RE (Helix/HPC) and CloudRE (CloudOS).

14th September 2023 - Update to AggV2 functional annotation data

  • We are pleased to announce that updated functional annotation files have been made available for the AggV2 dataset using VEP 109. For more information on this data, please see and, as always, please do get in touch via the Service Desk if you have any questions.

2nd June 2023 - R packages in the AWS Research Environment

12th May 2023 - Cloud-RE documentation

  • Documentation for the Cloud-RE has moved location. Documentation describing the CloudOS platform and its functionality is now hosted by LifeBit, while documentation describing the Genomics England data within the Cloud-RE can be found within these pages.

3rd May 2023 - Updated workflow

  • Small Variant 2.0 is a complete re-write of the Gene variant workflow (current version 1.7), from WDL/Cromwell to Nextflow DSL1. The workflow now runs in both RE (Helix/HPC) and CloudRE (CloudOS).

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Last update: November 17, 2023