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General NHS GMS clinical dataΒΆ

A number of tables in LabKey are common to all participants, both cancer and rare disease participants. These cover data about the participants themselves, the samples and results of bioinformatic analyses.

Name of Table/Data view Description
participant Data associated with a patient within the NHS GMS.
plated_sample Data associated with a plated, ready to be sequenced, DNA sample.
referral Data associated with a referral within the NHS GMS.
referral_participant A patient participating in an NHS GMS referral.
referral_test Data associated with a test within an NHS GMS referral.
sample Data associated with a medical sample taken from a patient and submitted to a laboratory for genomic sequencing.
genome_file_paths_and_types Specifies individual genomic files and their folder locations for a given participant.
sequencing_report For each participant, this table provides information on the sequencing of their genome(s) and associated output, as well as the sample type that the sequence is from.

Last update: November 27, 2023