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Clinical and phenotype dataΒΆ

The clinical and phenotype data are stored in a data management application called LabKey which is accessible from the Research Environment Desktop. Clinical and phenotype data are sourced from the GMCs according to set data models that specify the variables and matching data types. These include hospital episode statistics tables from NHS England and disease registration data from NDRS. Not all variables are compulsory and some will contain personal identifiable data, so are not present in the de-identified data within the Research Environment. Participant phenotypes such as age, sex, ethnicity, pedigree, recruited disease, associated HPO terms, and tumour categories can be analysed by using the LabKey application.

These tables also contain the results of some bioinformatic analysis, as described under Genomics England data.

There are datasets for the 100kGP project and from the NHS GMS data ingestion. Through CloudOS you can also access COVID-19 clinical data.