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Using GEL data for publications and reports, October 2023


Our participants’ privacy is absolutely paramount, which is why we heavily restrict export of data from the Research Environment (RE). In this training session, we will look at what you are and are not allowed to export, and how you can ensure your exports are compliant. We will look at the tools available in the RE for compiling and composing your data. We will cover using the Airlock tool for export.

Where publications or theses require supporting evidence that is potentially identifiable, we will look at how you can enable access to this supporting data for reviewers or examiners without exporting it from the RE.


13.30 Introduction and admin
13.35 Rules for data export from the RE
13.45 How to ensure your exports are compliant with rules
14.00 Working with LibreOffice in the RE
14.15 Using the Airlock
14.20 Sharing data with reviewers and examiners within the RE
14:45 Getting help and questions

Learning objectives

After this training you will know:

  • what you can and can’t export from the RE
  • how to compile your data for export
  • how to export data using the Airlock

Target audience

This training is aimed at researchers:

  • working with the Genomics England Research Environment
  • hoping to publish a paper, report, dissertation or thesis using Genomics England data


17th October 2023


You can access the redacted slides and video below. All sensitive data has been censored.



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