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Data releases

100,000 Genomes Project

The current release for the 100kGP data is 18 (21st December 2023). The filepath for this is:


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Frequency of release

Now that all consented and eligible 100,000 Genomes Project participants' data are in the research environment, the release schedule is designed to maximise the efficiency, with which we add exit questionnaire and other new data, and cope with participant withdrawals. We aim to publish a new release 2-3 times a year.

Sample removal

In Data Release V8, a decision was made to review certain categories of participants and their inclusion in the Genomics England’s main programme data. The following scenarios were reviewed and participants discontinued from release V8 onwards:

  • Discontinued samples (samples which were not determined to be complete enough for continued inclusion in data releases as per the scenarios below)
    • For both Cancer and Rare Disease
      • Cases with samples that have failed QC with no replacement
      • Adults (individuals >=18 at time of release) consented as children
    • Cancer only
      • Cases for which a “sample not sent” notification has been received
    • Rare Disease only
      • Cases where the clinical data cannot be verified or resolved to a quality where it is appropriate to include them in the research environment, as determined by the Genomics England clinical team

Discontinued data and samples will remain in earlier Main Programme releases but will not be included in this or subsequent data releases. For new research, you must use the most recent data release and are not permitted to use previous data releases.

In addition to the above data withdrawals, on rare occasions, we may have to completely remove the genomes of individuals across all data releases to abide by regulatory rules.


The current release for the GMS data is 3 (18th March 2024). The filepath for this is:


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Covid-19 (CloudOS only)

The current release for the Covid-19 data is 6.0, 12th September 2023.

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