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Video tutorials

Below you will find some instructional videos about using the Research Environment and its tools.

If you do not yet have access to the Research Environment go to Research Network and your access to data to find out how to get an account.

If you have any suggestions for further videos you would like to see, please contact us on

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Instead, please visit this page outside the RE in your web browser at

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Introduction to the Research Environment

Accessing the TRE

Research Environment folder structure

Command line

Using the command line


Data available in Labkey

Working with Labkey tables

Finding pathogenic variants in a gene

Setting up the RE to use the Labkey API

Using the Labkey API in R

Using the Labkey API in Python

Importing and exporting files with Airlock



Reporting potential diagnoses and contacting clinicians

Using the Data Discovery Portal

Participant Explorer:

How to search with participant IDs

How to build a cohort with clinical concepts and participant details

How to explore a participant

How to compare participants' medical histories

How to download data


Find a variant by a gene or locus

Last update: November 17, 2023