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Participant Supplementary Data

What is the participant_supplementary_data table?

The participant_supplementary_data table contains information about supplementary genetic or phenotype datasets that have been uploaded for a subset of 100,000 Genomes Project participants. Amongst other types of data, this might include new variant calling data using different pipelines and settings, other 'omic data, or specific additional clinical data that was not part of the original data model. This table can be found in Labkey from Data Release v12 onwards by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the list of tables.

Where are the data located?

The data can be found in /gel_data_resources/participant_supplementary_data/RRxxx/. The RRxxx indicates that the Research Registry number is used as a subfolder. This allows us and other researchers to see which research project is associated with the data.

Using the data

These data have been submitted by Research Network researchers who believe that it is in the interest of the participant that this information becomes available in the research environment. If you wish to use any of the datasets in the participant_supplementary_data folder for your research please contact the data owner, indicated in the participant_supplementary_data table in Labkey. Contact details can be requested through our Genomics England Service Desk.

Refresh rate of the data

The participant_supplementary_data table may be updated between Main Programme Data Releases, if requests to add data occur during that time.

The participant_supplementary_data folder may contain data on withdrawn participants if the data were uploaded for work that began before the participants withdrew. If beginning new work on these datasets, therefore, you must filter to include current consented participants only. Consent status can be found in the participant table in LabKey for the latest Data Release. Obtaining a list of consented participants can be done by filtering the programme_consent_status column against Withdrawn (Full).

How do I submit a request to enter my own data into the participant_supplementary_data table?

If you wish to add data to this table, you can submit a service request via the Genomics England Service Desk.

Last update: November 8, 2023