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Browse search results

After carrying out your search, you will arrive at a results page. This page will take you through your results.

List of matching participants

If you want to compare participants, you may continue by selecting the Compare tab.

You can explicitly select the participants you want to compare via the checkboxes. If you don't select any, the first 12 or 20 in the results are used by default.

For each participant that matches the search criteria, you will see the following fields:

Column Notes
Participant ID The 100,000 Genomes Project participant ID
Programme Programme the participant was recruited under in the 100,000 Genomes Project: Rare Diseases or Cancer
Proband/Relative Whether the participant was recruited as a proband or a relative
Recruited Disease For Rare Disease participants, only the specific disease is displayed. For Cancer participants, type and sub-type are displayed. Multiple diseases are displayed on separate lines.
Year of Birth
Phenotypic Sex
Ethnic Category
Consent Form
Life Status "Deceased" if reported (by ONS, CEN or GMC), empty otherwise.
Genome Build The genome build(s) available for the participant. Multiple value separated by a comma.
Family Group Type The type of family, e.g. singleton, duo with mother or father, trio with mother and father.
Family ID A family identifier assigned to a proband and their relatives

When browsing the participant list:

  • Click on any row to see participant details, including details of why the participant matched the query
  • Results can be sorted on different columns by clicking on the column header.
  • To modify your search criteria, click the "Modify Search" button. To proceed to downloading the results, click the "Download" tab.

Viewing participant details

Click on any participant in the search result to view details of that participant. See View participant for details on the information displayed.

Click on the arrows in the header to view the previous or next participant in the search result. To return to the list of participants, click in between the arrows or on the Result tab.