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Application data versionsΒΆ

Many of the applications in the RE do not access the data directly, but instead have their own local data stores. This means that there is sometimes a delay in when the data accessed by the applications is updated and there may be differences in the data you can see from different sources.

This table shows the current data version that an RE application is using:

Application 100kGP data version Last updated Notes NHS-GMS data version Last updated Notes
LabKey v18 Dec 2023 v2 Feb 2023
Participant Explorer v18 Apr 2024 Version 5.5 of the application tbd NA
Aggregate vcf v10 Sep 2020 Please see: Aggregated Variant Calls (aggV2) tbd NA
IVA/openCGA v16 Feb 2023 Please see: Interactive Variant Analysis (IVA) tbd NA
The genomes folder v18 Dec 2023 v2 Feb 2023