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Exporting your results and publishing

To ensure the privacy of our participants, we restrict the data that is exported from the RE and reserve the right to approve any publications using the RE.

Exporting data

For the transfer of materials (data, files, tools, etc) into and out of the Research Environment, you will need to log an Airlock request.

The Airlock system allows for Genomics England to supervise the transport of data to facilitate research and discovery while maintaining control of security and access. Only summarised end results of analysis will be released from the Research Environment. All data will be reviewed upon submitting an Airlock request in order to ensure that it follows our Airlock Policy and contains no data that may be potentially identifiable. You should send any data you want to publish via Airlock, including any hand-written tables or notes.

You can only export data that is associated with a registered research project, and not until that project has been registered for three months. Therefore, we recommend registering your project on the Research Registry as early as possible.

Contacting GMCs and clinicians

You must NOT contact GMCs or recruiting clinicians directly about research performed within the Research Environment. The Contact Clinical Team and/or Report Potential Diagnosis form allows you to report any findings that may indicate a potential diagnosis or that you feel should be relayed to the GMC, or to contact the recruiting clinician to obtain further data on an individual participant in which you have found a variant of interest. These processes are described more thoroughly in the documentation.


Please contact fill in our publications review request form about all publications or scientific outputs being planned using Genomics England data. The team will be able to review your abstracts and publicise your publications or presentations on our social media and website pages. You should also make sure any research you intend to publish has been registered in the Research Registry.

Genomics England must be acknowledged in any publications or presentations in keeping with our Publication policy.

Presenting your work for other Research Network members

The Research Network team hosts various events for researchers including seminars which allow the Research Network to present or hear about the work going on within the Research Environment. If you are interested in presenting your research at one of our seminars or conferences, please get in touch with the Research Network team.

Last update: November 28, 2023