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Getting medical histories for participants

These tutorials will take you through the methods you can use to get medical histories for participants. For the purpose of these tutorials, we assume that you have already identified your participant(s) of interest and have their participant ID(s).

You can find medical histories and compare between participants using a no-code interface Participant Explorer, or you can using the tables in LabKey and its associated APIs. These tutorials will cover using these and some of the methods required.

Medical history methods

The following tutorials cover:

Sources of data for medical history

Medical history data in the RE comes from NHS England and this tutorial will cover data available for all participants, including rare disease probands, rare disease family members, cancer participants and Covid participants in CloudOS only. You should consult with the latest Data dictionary for full details of the tables and the columns available.

Exporting medical history data

The medical histories you're pulling out here are confidential and potentially identifiable data. Therefore, you cannot export any of these data from the RE. Medical histories retrieved here are intended as a start point for further analyses. Any attempts to export these tables via Airlock will be rejected; you must not copy any of these tables by hand.

Recorded training sessions

You can also find training sessions:

Topic Date recorded Link Notebook location in RE
Getting medical histories for participants 20th September 2022 materials /gel_data_resources/example_scripts/workshop_scripts/medical_history_20220920