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Genomics England Data

You can find the outputs of bioinformatics pipelines and analyses run by Genomics England in LabKey and in the gel_data_resources folder in the RE filesystem.

The data

You can find details of the data available on the following pages:

The gel_data_resources folder

The gel_data_resources folder contains large files, such as VCFs and JSONs. You can access the gel_data_resources folder either from the desktop or the HPC. This folder is read-only.

Genomics England data can be found in the pilot, main_programme and gms folders, which relate to the different projects. Further folders in gel_data_resources include scripts and workflows.

Within these data folders, pilot, main_programme and gms, data are categorised into folders by type, then date of release, then further subtypes.


Data that can be easily displayed in tables are available in LabKey.

Last update: November 27, 2023