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Terminology server

An HL7 FHIR-compliant terminology server is available in the research environment. The terminology server provides programmatic access to reference data for code systems (terminologies, vocabularies, classifications, ontologies) commonly used within the research environment.


An FHIR REST API endpoint can be found at:


The links below are example requests to the terminology server API. Click on a link to open a new tab showing the API request URL and the API response in JSON format.


Code systems

(Note: the URLs in this table are used as identifiers in FHIR and don't always resolve to an actual web page)

Name URL Version
Evidence and Conclusion Ontology
Foundational Model of Anatomy
GEL Recruited Cancer Disease Sub Types 28/02/2019
GEL Recruited Cancer Disease Types 28/02/2019
GEL Recruited Disorders List
GeneticCoordinateSystem 0.3.0
Genotype Ontology 20190628
HGNCGeneGroups 13/11/2020
HGNCGeneIDs 13/11/2020
HUGO Gene Nomenclature 20100712
Human Ancestry Ontology
Human Developmental Stages
Human Disease Ontology
Human Phenotype Ontology 20191108
ICD-10 2016
ICD-O-3-MORPH 20190819
ICD-O-3-TOPO 20190819
LOINC v2.63 2.63
LOINC v2.64 2.64
MONDO: Monarch Disease Ontology
NCI Thesaurus OBO Edition
OPCS Classification of Interventions and Procedures 4.8
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man 07/08/2018
Orphanet Rare Disease Ontology 2.7
Phenotypic Quality Ontology
SNOMED CT United Kingdom composition module
SNOMED Clinical Terms Australian extension
Sequence Ontology
SequencingTechnique 0.1.0
Uber-anatomy ontology
v3.RoleCode 12/08/2018