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Student guidelines

If you are a student working on short-term research, or a project supervisor, you will need to take into account the minimum of 30 days from registering a project to an Airlock export, the feasibility of getting access to the RE, learning to use the RE and completing a project within the time period, and how to present work that may not be possible to export through Airlock.

Registration of student research projects

All research projects must be registered within our Research Registry. When you export data through our Airlock you will be asked for your project identifier; your request will only be approved once your project has been registered for 30 days.

If you are a PI or other student supervisor, we recommend you register your project when you first propose it, allowing your student to start work straight away once you recruit them. Research projects can be updated to reflect the direction of your work, so it doesn't matter if this changes slightly depending on the student.

Timescales for short projects

Setting up a new account for a student may take a few weeks, many tasks in the RE have a steep learning curve to get started and some exports through Airlock can take time to process. For this reason, please carefully consider the feasibility of fixed short-term projects, such as Masters rotations or dissertations.

Theses and dissertations

All exports from the RE must go through Airlock and be approved by our committee. Only aggregate data resulting from analysis will be approved, with any individual-level or identifiable data being rejected.

Since small scale studies of small groups or even single families are ideally suited to short-term projects like student projects, we have specific guidelines for these kinds of projects. If you have novel data, you can make a Clinical Collaboration Request and potentially gain consent to publish your data, although this is not guaranteed.

If you do not obtain any novel results or do not get consent to publish we recommend redacting any individual-level data from your published thesis/dissertation and show the data to your supervisors and examiners within the RE. We can help you to add data to shared folders that will be accessible to others.