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The Cloud-RE is a separate research environment that you can access to explore Genomics England data. The platform is provided by LifeBit and provides a number of tools for working with the data.

Cloud-RE vs RE

Cloud-RE is a separate research environment to the main RE. This requires separate registration, please contact us to request access.


CloudOS is an application provided by LifeBit, which allows you to access and analyse GEL data on the Cloud.

CloudOS allows you to:

Documentation on the CloudOS application is provided by LifeBit. You will need to request access to the CloudOS documentation via Service Desk.

CloudOS documentation


You can access the 100K and COVID-19 data in CloudOS.

CloudOS data documentation


The other application available in the Cloud-RE is Airlock, which you can use to export the results of your analyses in the same way as you would from the RE.

Airlock documentation

Last update: November 17, 2023