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New datasets in the RE, May 2023


The GEL RE is constantly evolving, with new and exciting datasets appearing. In this training session we’ll be taking a look at some of the new datasets available and how you can access them. We’ll have a look at the NHS Genomic Medicine Service data, our new continual collaboration to provide genomics services for the NHS, to see what data is available, how it differs from the 100kGP data and how we can access it using the LabKey API.

We will also take a look at the request-only pilot dataset and Covid dataset in the CloudRE. There will be a preview of some of the datasets which are upcoming but not yet available, including expanded genetic similarity data to worldwide reference groups, clinical images, RNA-sequencing and proteomics data. Plus we will hear more about the developing programme to sequence newborn genomes.

You are only allowed to attend this session if you are eligible for data access. This means that you are a Research Network or Discovery Forum member that has met the necessary verification checks and passed our Information Governance training course. If you do not meet this criterion by 17th April 2023, you will be unregistered for this session.


13.30 Introduction and admin
13.35 NHS GMS data
13.45 Access to the NHS GMS data through RE applications
13.55 Using the LabKey API to access NHS GMS data
14.05 Differences between NHS GMS data and 100kGP
14.15 Pilot data in the RE
14.25 Covid data in the CloudRE
14.35 Preview of future data
14.45 Getting help and questions

Learning objectives

After this training you will know:

  • What data is available from the NHS GMS
  • How to access the NHS GMS data
  • What new data types are coming in the TRE

Target audience

This training is aimed at researchers:

  • working with the Genomics England Research Environment


2nd May 2023


You can access the redacted slides and video below. All sensitive data has been censored.



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