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Data DiscoveryΒΆ

The Data Discovery Portal helps you understand the primary and clinical data together with genomic tiering data that Genomics England hold as part of the main programme.

The Data Discovery Portal:

  • Aggregates data by clinical and/or genomic features.
  • Provides text-based search capabilities.
  • Helps you understand the available cohort of participants.
  • Provides an integrated participant-oriented view of the available data, currently data is sourced from LabKey.

Data in Data Discovery

The data displayed in Data Discovery is not necessarily the latest version of the data, or synced with LabKey. Please check our data versioning documentation to see what data version is available.

We recommend confirming participant-level data against LabKey, particularly for cancers. This is because tables are synced on the participant_id and not on the cancer or tumour.

Last update: November 27, 2023